Apr 142014

Hi All,

Well it’s here, it’s official and it’s coming to a puddle near you, yes I mean summer has arrived. So pack away your winter gear and unpack your summer gear (only difference is it’s a bit lighter)!!!

With the flying field more like a flying lake, then a wee horsee event later, a ploughed one, things  are just about normal….

Right that’s the gripe out of the way…… David has repaired some of the damage this week so things are looking up!!!

Sunday 20th April (Easter Sunday) we are having a fun fly event.

Just bring yourself and lots of planes, the club is providing the barbecue, Its just a wee informal event so you can bring a friend or wife or someone special or…….. You get the picture.

The field should be clear of horse’s although there is an event on the Saturday and the Monday and I  just noticed the above, the barbecue is for the food and not the planes!!!

Hope to see you there……..



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Jan 112014

It’s a bit late, but I still wish you all a happy NewYear!

As you probably figured out, the server crashed big time. There are still bits missing, but most of it is there.

I know there were a few more recent posts, they are still ‘somewhere’. I hope I can get them back as well. I also need to do a lot of layout work, it will be done, but first I need to get everybody back online 😉


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Jun 182013

Looks like the horses have taken over the flying field for a while!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not much chance of a flight this weekend 22nd & 23rd June, Pony racing on again.
We could use the beach but there tends to be a lot of family’s attend these events and they will be wondering around just about everywhere!

If you do head down please stay safe.
On the subject of safety from now on can everyone with dogs please keep them on a leash at least until the flying has stopped for the day. We had a wee incident and a dog got hurt.

See you at the field.

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Happy days..

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Jun 132013

stampe june 2013A few of use arranged to meet up last Friday as the weather was so good..and as wee David put it  ” it was great evening with good friends, flying, eating and relaxing”

tmac june 2013 The only regret was that we never stayed over and made a night of it……

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From The Chair!

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May 242013

Hi all, I will try to make this a regular occurrence from now on just to inform everyone of  any go-ins on at the flying field etc.

Just heard this weekend 25th/26th  will have polo pony’s on the flying strip! ***       But bank holiday Monday is to be clear.

***Looks like the Beach again>>>

We have been donated a new ride-on mower from Jim McCrea a big one too!!! (Cheers Jim)  just needs a battery to start it (like the wee one).

So its ten bob a go and all the grass you can carry!!!

Hope this first post works (new to this Webb site Lark)

See you at the field.


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Dec 192011

Yes, it’s that time of the year, when I finally retreat to a warm spot in front of my monitor.
Now is as good a time as any to update all the internal bits of the website, and you can be sure that something got bent in the process 😉

So, if you spot something the should be working, but does not, just shout!

In the meantime, I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy dry, sunny 2012!


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Aug 292011

Tom arrived this weekend with a new glider, a massive EPO beast with a wing span (2670 mm).  This is what i would call a real ready to fly model with everything pre fitted including  its six servos a 14×6 folding prop strapped on  to a A3720 brushless outrunner and a 60 AMP speed controller all powered by a 4 cell lipo. ..

The test flight went with out a issue, there was even enought power to make Desi’s hand launch look good..

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Jun 062011

This weekend Mathew and his dad Trevor had organized round two of this year’s area aerobatics competition to be held at Tmac. So a few off us took advantage and decided to stay over as luck would have it the strong winds disappeared and left us with  light winds and fantastic sunshine..                                  


Here’s  a few photos from the competition..

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Apr 262011

Here are a selection of video clips I took at the Easter Fly-In, Nutts Corner. A great display of acrobatic and jet flying  are included. So sit back and enjoy. Don’t forget to watch them in HD as they are 1080p HD.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image
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